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Outcome Projects

AROC Data Collection

The Australian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre (AROC) is collecting data for outcomes following amputation, however what data is being collected is under review to make it more meaningful, and allow explanation of the outcomes and timeframes achieved. Our members attended the AROC Clinical Benchmarking Workshop for Amputees, held in Sydney in March 2010.

Between AROC and a Hard Place

Presented by Craig Evans, Physiotherapist, Rankin Park Hospital, 3 June 2016
Between AROC and a Hard Place

Research Projects

Does gait speed indicate prosthetic walking potential following lower limb amputation?

Abstract presented by Heather Batten, Physiotherapist Advanced (Amputee Rehabilitation), Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, at the World Confederation for Physiotherapy, Singapore Congress, 1-4 May 2015.

Additional Standing Balance Circuit Classes During Inpatient Rehabilitation Improved Balance Outcomes: An Assessor Blinded Randomised Controlled Trial

Abstract presented by Daniel Treacy, Physiotherapist, Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital, at the World Confederation for Physiotherapy, Singapore Congress, 1-4 May 2015.

Functional Performance in Lower Limb Amputees: Past & Future Areas of Research

Presented by Dr Natalie Vanicek, Senior Lecturer, Discipline of Exercise and Sports Science, University of Sydney, 7/09/2012.
Functional Performance in Lower Limb Amputees (ppsx)

Clinical Research: Getting Started

Presented by Lisa Harvey, Rehabilitation Studies Unit, University of Sydney, 6/08/2010.
Clinical Research: Getting Started (pdf)

Update on Current Research in Amputees

Presented by Daniel Treacy, Physiotherapist, at a NSWPAR workshop, 6/08/2010.
Click A Very Quick Update on Research in Amputees

Interim Prosthesis Pilot Trial (NSW)

A trial of prosthetist-manufactured interim prostheses to replace Physiotherapist-manufactured plaster temporary prostheses, run by the NSW ALS at Westmead & John Hunter/Rankin Park Hospitals.

This study has now been published:
Gordon R, Magee C, Frazer A, Evans C & McKosker K (2010). An interim prosthesis program for lower limb amputees: Comparison of public and private models of service. Prosthetics & Orthotics International, 34, 2, 175-183.

Outcome & Cost Analysis of Physiotherapist-Manufactured Temporary Prostheses (NSW)

A review of cost, safety, and outcomes with use of plaster temporary prostheses, carried out in response to changes in TGA legislation regarding prostheses as medical devices.

Quality Projects

Northern Beaches Amputee QI Project

A review of NSW hospitals acute lower limb amputee protocols and treatment practices, by Northern Beaches Local Health District, 2014.
Amputee QI Project

Evidence Based Practice Summary Sheet - Post Op Dressings

Which post-op dressings are the most effective for acute BKA’s on healing times and rehab outcomes. Sydney South West Area Health Service, 2006.
Amputee Post Op Management.

Amputee Clinic Survey

Example Clinic Survey Form on amputee satisfaction levels.

Physiotherapy Amputee Assessment Form

Amputee Assessment form developed by NSWPAR, 2006.

Evidence Based Practice Summary Sheet - Shrinkers vs Bandages

Is elastic bandaging or stump shrinkers more effective in reducing residual limb volume in amputations of the lower limb? Sydney South West Area Health Service, 2003. Bandages vs Shrinkers