Amputee Gait Analysis & Training

Useful Tips and Equipment

AustPAR takes no responsibility for the quality of products or suppliers listed on this page. They were listed as solutions to enquiries from our members related to problems specific clients had experienced, who then wished to share the information. We recommend that solutions for your clients problems be investigated individually, depending on their exact problem and circumstances.

Email us if you have any other suggestions of equipment as solutions to any of your client's questions, that you would like to share.

  • Waterproof Prosthetic Protector
    Stay Dry Pro-Pump: A vacuum seal latex liner, that apparently lets you wear a prosthesis in the shower, or even pool!

  • Limbar
    A purpose built exercise machine for lower limb amputees.

  • Knee Scooters
    An alternative to crutches or a wheelchair, where you can kneel on a padded seat and propel yourself around. It has disc brakes and the potential to ‘unlock’ the rear castors to pivot in place.
  • Knee Scooter Knee Scooter