Prosthetic Feet

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Blatchford Multiflex Foot (Endolite)

Blatchford Multiflex Foot

A multi axial foot and ankle design.

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Cheetah (Ossur)

Cheetah Foot

A custom-built, high performance carbon fibre foot designed primarily for sporting activities such as sprinting. Has a unique J-curve design for maximising energy return.

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Flex Foot (Ossur)

Flex Foot

An energy storing foot, constructed of carbon fibre. Several models are available, with hydaulic shock absorbers and leaf springs to cushion impact. Feet are customised to the individual based on weight, and different designs exist for special applications, age groups, and activity levels.

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Proprio Foot (Ossur)

Proprio Foot

A bionic foot / ankle, with powered ankle motion for adaptability over different terrains such as slopes and stairs. It also plantarflexes in sitting for a more natural foot position.

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Rush Foot

Rush Foot

A flexible foot made from a glass composite, making it very strong, durable, and waterproof.

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Solid Ankle, Cushion Heel. One of the original designs of prosthetic feet, more suitable now for less active users. Different models are still available. The heel cushion compresses at heel contact to mimic plantarflexion and establish foot flat. Flexible toe portion replaces some of the dorsiflexion in mid to late stance.

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Seattle Low Profile SLP350 (Trulife)

Seattle Low Profile SLP350

A low profile multiaxial carbon fibre foot.

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Trias Foot (Otto Bock)

Trias Foot

Lightweight carbon fibre foot for amputees of lower mobility levels (2-3)

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Tribute (College Park )

College Park Tribute Foot

Multi axial foot with a full length toe lever made of carbon fibre.

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Triton Foot (Otto Bock)

Otto Bock Triton Feet

A family of different carbon fibre feet, for a range of functions.

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Vari-Flex (Ossur)

Ossur Vari-Flex Foot

Slender profile carbon foot, described as a hybrid cross-trainer.

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